1. Check in will be determined by venue requirements.
2. All guests should sign in at the registration table in the lodge in order to receive your parking assignment.
You are welcome to check-in after 4:00 PM on October 8th, we also ask that everybody be packed up, cleaned up, and walking out of the building by 10:30 AM on October 17th. The lodge and grounds must be inspected by Park staff before we leave.
3. Everyone coming to Succoth with a vehicle, should stop at the Cloudland Canyon Park office to purchase a park pass. Park passes are $5.00, and are good for your entire stay.
4. Check out procedures will be communicated to everyone upon either Check in, or at orientation.
5. For the men, each bedroom will be marked quiet room, and night owl room. The quiet room is for those who must have absolute quiet while sleeping, it also serves as an environment for those who are most likely to turn in early.
The night owl room serves as an environment for those who generally stay up late fellowshipping. In short they stay up late, and noises do not bother them. They also do not mind videos, and audio books that may be on during the night, as long as they are kept at a reasonable level.
6. On check out day everything should be cleaned up better than it was, before we checked in.
7. Upon Check in, a sign-up sheet for Volunteer activities will be presented, all participants are encouraged to volunteer for at LEAST one (1) activity.
8. Before the morning of check out we would ask that everyone pre-pack, and load the night before, after sundown so that cleaning can begin as soon as possible.
9. Please be advised that on the morning of check out no breakfast, coffee, or snacks will be served. All of the attention will be focused on final cleanup, and moving out.
10. We ask that all guests in the lodge observe a quiet time in the common area from 10:00 PM to 8:00 AM. This is so that those who turn in early may do so without interruption. If you get up early for prayer, or quiet time please be considerate of others in the lodge who may be sleeping.

Special Kitchen Announcement for Evening of October 8th

****The kitchen will be closed. We would ask that everybody either eat prior to arriving, or connect with a group of brothers, and sisters after coming to campus.

The reason that we are asking this favor of you, is because the staff needs to get the kitchen set-up, and food prepped for The Holy Day which will begin on the 9th of October.

Because the 9th is a High Holy Day there will be no cooking, buying nor selling until after sundown. Breakfast and lunch will be cold. Dinner will be served after sundown.

We thank you for your attention to this matter, and we look forward to spending time with you at Succoth 2019.