Smoking policy

Please be advised that smoking is prohibited in all enclosed facilities, including buildings owned, leased, or operated by the State or local governing authorities. This includes all lodge rooms and facilities, park cottages, group shelters, group lodges, group camps, Chattahoochee Bend Adirondack Campsites, Mistletoe Tent Cabin, Seminole Treehouse Camping, Watson Mill Log Cabin Bunkhouses and yurt camps.

The Vero Essene Yahad, and Yahad of East Tennessee will allow smoking during the event in only specially designated areas. Those areas will be in conjunction with the local park rules. We do ask that smokers be considerate of others at the event, and that they make sure that all smoking areas are cleaned up after their use.

This means that cigarette butts, and packaging should not be seen at any time during, and afterward on the ground. Remember our testimonies. We are observing the moed as unto Yahshua, and Whether we like it or not, others will be watching us, both inside, and outside.
So if you see cigarette butts or packaging on the ground please remove them, and put them in the trash. Make sure that they are safe to put in the trash first as we don’t want to contribute to forest fires during our stay.

So let’s live as unto YHWH, and have a great time.