The 2nd place team after they got smoked by the Bishop and team 1 at bible trivia

The 2nd place team after they got smoked by the Bishop and team 1 at bible trivia

Guidelines for the weekly Shabbat, and holy days
Many of us are coming from very diverse backgrounds, and stations in life concerning this walk. Because of this, it has been, and will continue to be the policy of both the Vero Yahad, and the Yahad of east Tennessee to observe guidelines that will bring unity, and stability during our holy convocations.
1. As the Yahad of East Tennessee will be the host, we are therefore asking that there be no cooking, buying and selling, nor laborious work done on either the weekly Shabbat, nor the two holy days.
If someone wants to go off campus during this time, and engage in these activities we are all adults; it’s between them and YHWH. We only ask that these things are not done in, and around the lodge area.
2. As many will have booths selling different items at our event. We are asking that all buying, and selling cease at sundown prior to the holy days, and at the same time before the weekly Shabbat. Buying, and selling may resume after sundown after both the holy days, and weekly Shabbat.
3. Out of respect for the Shabbat, we ask that the guys refrain from the watching of sports such as college football, during this period. Many of us guys love the sport, but we all know that YHWH comes first. We can find out the scores after sundown.

Special kitchen Announcement for Evening of October 8th

**** On the evening of October 8th, the kitchen will not be opened to either leadership nor the general assembly. We would ask that everybody either eat prior to arriving, or connect with a group of brothers, and sisters after coming to campus.

The reason that we are asking this favor of you, is because the staff needs to get the kitchen set-up, and food prepped for the holy day which will begin on the 9th of October.

Because the 9th is a High holy day there will be no cooking, buying nor selling until after sundown. Breakfast, and lunch will be cold, and dinner will be served after sundown.

We thank you for your attention to this matter, and we look forward to spending time with you at Succoth 2019.