1. Check in/Check out: ( Check in will be determined by venue requirements.)
a. All participants will be required to Check in with the Event Overseer/Event Host or event administrator.
Check out procedures will be communicated to each participant upon Check in, or at orientation.
b. All participants agree to abide by Check in/Check out procedures

2. Parking: (Parking will be determined by venue requirements.)
a. Parking will be assigned upon Check in.
b. All participants are required to abide by the parking assignment(s) given them by the Event Overseer/Event Host, and event administrator.

3. There will be many opportunities to Volunteer during each Event.
a. Upon Check in, a sign-up sheet for Volunteer activities will be presented.
b. ALL participants are encouraged to volunteer for at LEAST one (1) activity.

4. There will be specific individuals assigned to Oversee/Host the Event and Activities during the Event. Specifically assigned duties may include(other positions will be added as needed):
a. Administration/Operations
b. Spiritual Shepherding/Event Overseer
c. Community Kitchen/Food Preparations
d. Safety & Security

5. Drug and Alcohol policy: Absolutely NO illegal substances of ANY kind will be tolerated at ANY time during ANY Vero Yahad sponsored event.
a. Violation of this policy will result in one warning. If the problem continues, then the event host, in conjunction with the Elders on site may ask the offender to leave the event.
b. Violators of this policy may be banned, upon a decision of either the Yahad Executive Council, or Yahad Leadership Assembly, from ALL future events for a period of time, or permanently.

6. Safety & Security: Safety & Security policies will be established in accordance with venue regulations and local law.
a. A specific individual will be assigned as The Safety & Security Coordinator at each event.
i. Always DIAL 911 first in the event of a life threatening situation.
ii. All other Safety & Security issues should be addressed to the assigned personnel.

7. Shabbat Guidelines: The following activities are prohibited on Event property and are highly discouraged by all Event participants.
Please do not work, or cause others to work for you. This includes cooking, buying and selling. Anything that would cause you, or someone else to break The Sabbath, please do not engage in while at the event.

8. Food Guidelines:
a. Only Biblically clean food will be permitted on the venue property during the Event, please see LEV. 11 for further guidelines about what YHWH considers food for Israel.

b. Please be respectful of other’s individual choices concerning the eating of meat or the practices of vegetarianism/veganism.
i. There will be a strict “No Tolerance” policy concerning issues of individuals harassing others due to their dietary observances, and how much someone does, or does not eat.
1. You will be given 1 warning to cease from such activity. If the problem continues, offending individuals may be ask to leave the Event.

c. All special food requirements (i.e. Allergies) should be addressed to the event host, and administrator.

9. Guidelines For Interaction:
a. ALL Event participants are encouraged to attend ALL Classes/Activities.
i. All participants are asked to arrive for Classes/Activities ON TIME and ready to participate.
ii. Only those who have specific duties are exempt from this rule.
iii. Should you have an issue with attendance for any specific Class/Activity, please let someone such as the Event Overseer/Host, or an Elder, know so that the class, or activity is not held up.
b. If you would like to lead a specific Class/Activity during the Event, Please arrange it with the Event Overseer/Host BEFORE the Event if possible or at least a day in advance during the Event.
c. Participants are expected to treat not only other Event participants with respect, but also their own family members as well.
i. Should you have a problem with your spouse or child(ren), give them the respect of treating them in a loving manner and dealing with the issue, lovingly and respectfully, in a private setting.
d. Do not disparage or criticize others in public (or privately for that matter). Doing such is not in keeping with the teachings passed down to us from Messiah.